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Because I could not get the program to run after paying for it and rebooting, I called the 24/7 assistance. This technician claimed I had 27,000 errors slowing my computer down and if I did not fix it I could loose my computer. With my permission he connected to my computer and then showed me my passwords and Soc Sec #, etc saying my malware (McAfee or Norton) was not giving me the protection I... Read more

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I downloaded Reg Pro PC Cleaner, supposedly free software, to discover that it said I had over 15,000 problems with my computer. Yes, my computer was a bit slow, but everything worked properly. Next thing I knew upon installation and running the "free" software, I had to pay $29.95 to use Reg Pro to clean my computer. That was when the real trouble began. First these jokers called me on the... Read more

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I clicked on the FREE disc scan offer and Reg Pro Cleaner immediately found 237 (later 240) errors. It offered to correct the errors but it would cost $29.95 per year (hidden info that this was automatically renewed). I exited without renewing and then found the icon a fixture on the main screen and it started to interfere with accessing the browser. I had a service which I'd bought with this... Read more

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